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Line chart configuration

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Click on the "edit" button. Click on "add row".



Title - this is the title of the first line graph

Raster - if the grid should show

Min value - define the minimum value of the Y axis

Max value - define the maximum value of the Y axis

Line value - define where a line (base value) should be shown. This can be 0  or higher or lower if a base value, say targeted budget needs to be shown.

Description - this text will show below the chart

Values Line 1 and Values Line 2 - an excel file needs to be uploaded with 2 columns like shown below.


Label Line 1 and Label Line 2 - if a label for the values should show, provided it here. This will appear as the legend.


If done, click on save or add another line chart by clicking on "add row". You can add several line charts for the same topic (title of the category).