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Managing Sections in Forms

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As displayed in the chapter Edit Form, Edit Field : Section, you can use this technique to organize your Form. The basic idea of a Section is as follows:

A Section is a group of Fields, which is invisible by default
A Section is triggered by a given response in a previous Field
The previous question must be of the 'Selection Type'. This allows Administrators to control the possible selections, and thus applying the rules ( called Conditions in SSP 7).
You can create Sections within Sections
When a User fills in a Form, SSP 7 runs a check after every answer. When a Section is triggered, the screen will quickly refresh and show the section.
When a User changes his answer, the check runs again, and if the Condition is no longer valid, the Section will go away again.

To insert a section, add a Field of the type "Section"

Please find below a sample of a Section with 1 Condition:

Row 1 makes the Section visible when the Field , called "Application" has the value "Office Collaboration Application".

Field(s) to compare is the field that must meet a criterion defined in the "value" field. This is a form, sub-form or main form field. If 2 different fields can contain the same value for the section, both can be added in one condition.

Value can a fixed value (number, text) or a person or form field value.

You can delete Rows by using the clip0040 button.

Rows are added by clicking on the buttonclip0127.

Sections are displayed in the Field overview by a clip0042symbol. Click on that icon to see the Fields within that section, as shown in this example:

You can set the order of the Fields within the Section by changing the values in the "Sequence"-drop down ( first column).

You can move a field out of a Section, by editing the Field, and setting the Section to <Root>.


Use the SAVE button to save the changes and remain on this screen, or use the OK button to save your changes and return to the Overview screen, or use theclip0022button to discard any changes.