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Meeting Rooms: Add

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Add a meeting room:

To add a room, click the clip0136button.

Enter the name, priority and the description in all languages.
oPriority is a numeric value. When multiple meeting rooms are available wit the selection of the end user, this field will define which meeting room is pre-selected.
Add the location image (map) by using the browse button to browse the image and use the button clip0128 to save the image.
To delete the image, use the Delete button delete .
Select the Country, location , building and  the floor by using the drop down box.
Type : select 'single room' or 'Combined rooms'.
oWhen 'Combined rooms' is selected, a list of single rooms on the same location, building & floor are presented. Select the single rooms by clicking on the 'Include' checkbox:



Reservation costs
oFixed fee: this is the fixed fee for any reservation, regardless of duration. There is a country setting for this value as well, only use this field to overwrite the country setting.
oFee per time block: the fee per block of 15 minutes, expressed in the selected currency. This value is to be set per room, and can be left empty.
oPreparation cost : the cost to prepare the room, per reservation. Expressed in the selected currency.
Capacity: Enter the  number of people that can be placed in the meeting room to the restrictive room composition.
If the tables are moveable, several possibilities are possible.
Tick the checkboxes of the equipment that is available in the room or select the number of available equipment.


Key Dates : set the key dates

A key date is when the meeting room is not open for reservations or needs a warning.
With the screen below, these dates can be managed. The list of reasons is the same for all meeting rooms and managed under General Settings.


To enter a new Key Date:

Enter the Start date & time (entered as for example: 13:58)
Enter the End date & time
Contact Person : Search the person in the SSP users by clicking on clip0430, or enter the name in the text field below.
Reason : select the reason, complete the text field if that option is selected
Allow reservations : check the 'Yes' box if users can make a reservation at this key date.

To save the changes, click the clip0130 button. To cancel the changes, click the clip0129 button.


Once added, a list appears with all key dates:


The field 'Month' allows to select a month, to see the key dates of that month. Only months that hold key dates are shown in the list.

The Key reason can be deleted by clicking on the delete button. A reason can not be edited.



To save the changes, click the clip0131 or clip0427 button. To cancel the changes, click the clip0129 button.