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Modify Fields

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The SAP Adapter is delivered with a predefined set of fields. The fields depend on what the SAP WebService is offering. In case the current set of fields doesn't reflect your current web service setup, the following changes need to be applied:

Open the database table "AdapterField". This table contains all fields defined per service
Filter the table to only show fields for the SAP Adapter. By default the SAP Adapter ID is 3
Edit the content or add new lines for the SAP Adapter
Change the value of Description column to display other field names in the admin panel of SSP 7.
Repeat this for every field you would like to have renamed.
Never change the value of the Id, Method or Name.


If you would like to remove certain fields from the mapping list to avoid mapping to unused or protected fields, please do the following.

The fields that have the value True in the column "AvailableForMapping" will be displayed in the SD Adapter step with the Process builder. Simply change the value to False to remove the value from the list.