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Click on the title 'Multiplier Step' to define the field that will be used to determine the number of times the following step(s) are repeated. Only 1 field can be selected.

The Multiplier Step section is as follows.


The following fields define the values to be used for the Multiplier step.

Lookup first drop down menu : Select the Form. You can choose any Form from SSP 7, but be ensured that this Form is linked to this Process.
Lookup second drop down menu : Select the field from the list of fields of the chosen form above. Only fields that are linked to a Parameter in the Datastore can be selected (selection fields). These fields have pre-defined possible answers, allowing rules to be built. This is impossible with free-text answers.

alertFor any step within the Multiplier box, the selection of the Actors is very specific! You need to select Actors of the type 'Multiplier Step'. If not, all Actors will have rights to all instances of the multiplied step !

Use the save button to save the changes, or use the cancel button to discard any changes.


Viewing the Multiplier Step in Steps Overview

The Multiplier Step in the Steps Overview is displayed as follows.


The Multiplier Step is indicated by the yellow box (position 2).  In the yellow-bordered box below, the step that is multiplied is indicated.