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On the 'My Groups' tab, users will see all the approval groups they are currently member of.


Only when users are indicated as manager of an approval group, the clip0127is displayed. By clicking on this button, the members of the approval group can be edited. Other settings of the approval group can only be changed in the approval group admin panel.

Orb-Blue-Minus-24Editing member of approval groups

After clicking on the clip0127icon a new screen is displayed to search for persons and add them as new members of the approval group.


Current Members : This is showing the current persons that are part of the approval group. By clicking on the clip0365 icon, persons can be removed from the group.

Add Member : Here search fields are shown, to find and select the new member. Depending on the settings for searching persons, more or less fields are displayed to search with. More information on configuring these search fields can be found in the User Data section of the Adapter settings. From the Search Results list, select the new member and click on the "Select" button to add the person to the approval group.

New members can be added by clicking on the "Select User" button.