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My Items

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You probably hear it quite a bit: “everything is all over the place”. When it comes to managing employee assets, chaos may reign freely. Who uses what, where and how is not readily viewable in one place. And administrators must frequently access multiple environments or use different means to manage anything from subscriptions, to plans, to software application licenses.

SSP7 My Items addresses this problem. Through data upload and synchronization, the My Items module collects all subscription, licensing and ownership information from employees. When logged in, administrators view a clear list of all relevant information. They can then readily take action – say to cancel or renew a mobile phone plan. And all actions are of course linked to forms with pre filled data.  When removing a phone plan, simply check the item(s) to delete. It’s that easy.


SSP7 My Items collects all data in one place. It’s the solution that enables the hassle-free management of employee assets in a centralized environment. Managers get all the tools they need to see what their people are using, the associated costs and how that compares to other departments.

Employee see for themselves what costs are associated with the services they receive and get the opportunity to easily submit changes or cancellations for these services: