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Parameter configuration

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To define a new SAP list, go into the datastore and create a new parameter.

Choose as type SAP Parameter


The Name field is a free text field and should identify this list. In SSP7 this list will be further identified by this name.

The Category field is optional and can be used to group datastore lists together.

In the External Parameter Name field, the name of an available entity in the SAP Web Service should be defined. The currently available names are:

"Notif". This will retrieve a list of notifications and always contain the following field names:
Filtering can be done on the fields FunctiePlaats, GemeldDoor, DatumVan and DatumTot. Only the operator '=' is supported
Klantengroep. This will retrieve a list with klantengroepen and always contain the following field names:
Filters can't be set on this list
FuncLocations. This will retrieve a list with Functional Locations and always contain the following field names:


Filters can be set on the RootId field. Only the '=' operator is supported.

In case more lists need to be retrieved from SAP, adjustments to the SAP Adapter are required.

The Cache duration (hours) setting is used to define how often the list should be refreshed. By default the value 24 is used, meaning that the validity of the data in this parameter expires every 24 hours. In case data validity is expired, it is renewed as soon as the SSP7 task for datastore refresh runs.

In case the value is set to 0, no local data will be stored and every time the list is used, the webservice is called. Please note that this may cause delays in displaying items to the users and in case of unavailability of SAP PI even failures.

The parameter needs to be saved and the entered External Parameter Name is validated. In case an incorrect name is entered, SSP7 will show the error message "Parameter not supported: xxxxx". In that case check the name of the parameter or the configuration of the SAP Parameter.