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"Root" Configuration

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The web.config contains the configuration of SSP. Please update the appsettings:


         <add key="Main.ConnectionString" value="data source=.;initial catalog=SMTXSSP7;User ID=generic;Password=generic;persist security info=False;packet size=4096;" />

         <add key="SupervisorUsername" value="admin2" />

         <add key="SupervisorPassword" value="admin2" />

         <add key="SupervisorEnabled" value="1" />

         <add key="TestPassword" value="query" />

         <add key="HideWebHooks" value="0" />

         <add key="DataAccessAdapter.CommandTimeOut" value="60" />

         <add key="DataAccessAdapter.UseNoLockHintOnSelects" value="0" />

         <add key="DataAccessAdapter.AllowUseLocalVariableHack" value="true" />

         <add key="SiemensCustomChartServiceGroup" value="1" />

         <add key="SiemensCustomChartService" value="2" />

         <add key="SiemensCustomChartVendor" value="5" />

         <add key="UseLogonUserIdentity" value="false" />



Main.ConnectionString: Contains the connection settings to the database.

SupervisorUsername: Contains the login of the super admin user who can always access SSP.

SupervisorPassword: Contains the password of the super admin user.

SupervisorEnabled: with this setting you can disable the super admin user.

TestPassword: This is the password of the test page which can be used to access some background information about SSP.

HideWebHooks: This setting can be enabled to disable the webhooks.

DataAccessAdapter: Contains some database settings, please do not touch, in case of database issues, and SMT-X consultant will update these settings

Siemens...: Please leave these settings untouched.

UseLogonUserIdentity: When you get no kerberos ticket found, change this to true.