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Actor Settings

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Click on the title `Actor Settings`  to define the Actor(s) to be notified in this step.

This section allows you to define the Actor to whom the notification will be sent to.  By selecting additional actors you have the option to send notifications to more than one person.


Actor Type: The following options are available:



- Address Book : select a value from the Address Book.  The Address Book is managed in the DataStore. When selected, a second drop down field will be filled with the addresses.

 - Lookup : Use this option to select a value from a form. Select the form in which the desired field is available.  This will open a list of fields  from that form.  Select the desired field from the list.

alert Please ensure that you select a field that has an email address as a value. Remember, this is the Actor that is defined, if no email address is linked to the record, the email can not be sent.

alertPlease ensure that the forms from which you select a field is the active form linked to this process. Otherwise, selecting a different form will result in an empty value.

 - Free Text : When this option is selected, fill in the Actor Name & Actor E-mail address in the correct fields.

          alert Please note that SSP only accepts 1 addressee per entry. You can not insert multiple email addresses separated by a ‘;’

 - Previously Entered Field : The second drop down will show all fields from the process. Select the appropriate field.

alert Please ensure yourself that you select a field that has an email address as a value. Remember, this is the Actor that is defined, if no email address is linked, the email can not be sent.

alert Please ensure that you only use fields from previous steps. If you select a value from a following step, this will result in an empty value.

 - Requestor : This option allows you to send this email to the Requester, that is the person who filled in the form.

- Multiplier Step : If this Notification step is advanced by a Multiplier (so this Step needs to be multiplied x-times, as defined in the Multiplier step), the choice of the Actor needs to be of the type Multiplier Step. You will then be able to select the related items to the Multiplier Step.

- Group : Use this option to select a group that was defined in Persons & Accounts / Groups.

- Same as previous step: This is a quick way to set repeating actors in a process.

- Variable: If an actor is set in a variable, this option will set the actor using this variable. The section on Variables can be found here.

- Ticket assignee: The current assigned person or group in a ticket (only when using the Ticketing module).

Click on add to add this new Actor to the list.

Current list of actors: This list shows all previously assigned Actors for this step. The list contains the following information and controls:
Actor Type: Indicates the source of the Actor.
Actor Name: The Name of the Actor, or the indicating parameter.
edit : Edit : Change the details of the selected Actor.
delete : Delete : Delete the selected Actor from the list ..

alert_1818 Please ensure that there is always at least 1 Actor in the list ! SSP will not allow you to save this step when no actors are defined.

Fail-Over Email Address : In the event that no actors are found with a valid email address above the defined email notification will be sent to the Fail-Over Email Address.
Disable delegates for this step (configured actors input is required) : Use this option to disable any delegation by the assigned actor(s).


Use the save button to save the changes, or use the cancel button to discard any changes.