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Attachment link bugfixes

When special characters were used in filenames of attachments, an encoding error occurred. Now all characters allowed in a filename are also supported by SSP

Mail reader changes

- The mail reader now checks if the ticket is not archived yet

- The reader now checks if the ticket is not closed yet

- Inline images are stored in the system

PDF Reports

A powerful option has been added to define global pdf reports. These pdf reports can be used all over the application.




An example of this is that it might be useful to fill in a form, and before submitting the form allow the user the view it's entered values in a pdf (downloadable using link).




Subject too long

When the subject was longer then 256, it caused the application to not send the email, this has been resolved.

SSP Tasks

Due to some malfunctions in the windows OS, sometimes tasks were started twice. Additional checks have been added to avoid this.


Changes have been made to allow all field types supported by Active Directory

REST Calls

The current generic webservice logic has been extended with REST calls. This way the system can integrate with any environment providing webservice calls.




All types supported by REST are available in SSP. Please contact SMTX if you need assistance creating the XSL IN or OUT.

Several small bug fixes

-Scrubs have been optimized.
-Added index for Item Scrub view.
-Added delete message for sub process overwrite path.
-Messages on dashboard can be configured to not show start and end dates.
-Added stop reports running too long.
-Web service 404 response handled as an error message.
-Multiple date filter fix on dashboard views.