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Export All Person Groups extended

~/Common/Admin/PersonGroupOverview.aspx: On exporting All data for the Person groups, the sheet containing the group information will show these fields:

Name, Active, Available for ticketing, Manager, Short description, Task assigned to this group triggers integration, New process, Update Process, Closure Process, <custom fields>

SSP Email reader configuration

When adding a mail server, a new option “Read Folder” is available.

By default the inbox is used to parse the emails, but using this option you can configure a sub folder. In extent it then will be possible to link a different process to each folder.

Datastore scheduling

The scheduling of the refresh of a datastore is changed:


Previously a datastore was refreshed at the same timestamp as when it was created or modified. Now you can control the reload date/time yourself.

Additional information about the reload of the datastore is also displayed to an administrator of the datastore.

Sort datastore entries on first field

The entries tab of a datastore, is sorted on the first field:

Overall SSP Performance has been improved

Several initiatives have been implemented to improve the performance of SSP:

-Reduced the number of executed queries to the database by 15%
-Trace tools added
-Resource translations loaded in one time per page
-regexreplace in ncalc added fields fetching in forms optimized


Display form links on my profile

A new tab “Action” is available in the user preferences, allowing to link forms and actions:

In general settings you can configure which topics are allowed for this

SSP Mobile improvements

-Fix mobile usage of subforms
-Fix mobile redirection issues
-Update the stylesheet to streamline colors and images
-Improve performance
-Resolve dashboard crashes
-Make compatible with iOS11

Import of approval groups

It is now possible to import group members from Excel sheet:

When importing the user can select if the users in the Excel sheet should be added to their group or will be the only members of their group.

Several small bug fixes

-New pdfconvertor options: extra hash option added (hex): added option to merge pdf documents email replacements: added option to use a name/value collection instead of query string collection. Changed pdfreport: added JsonData request from variable.
-Possibility to search for webservices defined in the SSP adapter module
-SM7&9: fixed exception when wait step query gave exception
-Extended the current webservice logic: do or do not treat empty or zero result in webservice as failed
-bugfix: do not tread empty or zero as error in combination with data table result.
-Implemented the upgrade of the AjaxControlToolkit
-Related document icon fix
-Message CSS issue fix