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My Profile is the user's personal section where they can set language preferences, date formatting, delegates and other settings.

My Profile is opened by clicking on the 'My Profile' tab in the top navigation.


The first fields are the person fields which are marked as editable by the administrator in the person fields section (in this case Email and Position)



The following options are available on this page:

Language : change language from the drop down menu. All languages that are configured in SSP 7 are present.
Language in administration panels : defines which field the current admin sees in the admin panel.
Date Format : choice between US format ( MM/DD/YYYY ) and European format ( DD/MM/YYYY ).
Decimal Separator: Because number formatting varies by culture, it can cause issues sometimes. Therefore, it is possible to set the number formatting to a specific format. If nothing is selected, the language culture default is used.
Thousands Separator: same as above, this can be set to a specific format, or left as is for the language default.
Page Size of Views : Set the number of tickets that are shown in the views.
Enable mobile component : Set if the mobile component for the user is available.
Mobile component pass key : The mobile component pass key which is used to define the user in the mobile application of SSP.
Send me the information email : The mobile component user email which is used.
Orb-Blue-Minus-24Password settings

The password change option is not always visible. Only in case HP ServiceDesk is used as password authentication tool, password change is possible in the My Profile page.

Also in case of internal login/password combination this section is available.

Click on "Update" to save any changes.