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With views pending and closed tickets can be displayed to users. Multiple views can be defined to show for example the pending and closed tickets in separate views. There is no limitation in the number of views that can be defined. Views are displayed in the Views panel of the Dashboard where the various sections can be expanded/collapsed. Typical examples of views are as follows.


- All My Open Actions : All Tickets where the User is an Actor in the currently open Step.

All Pending Actions : All Open Tickets of the User.

- All Closed Tickets : All recently closed Tickets of the User.

- All My Open Actions in escalation : All Open Tickets of the User where the Actor has not yet processed the currently open Step.

- All My Favorites : All Favorite links that have been added in Persons&Accounts > Managing Persons > Favorites will appear on user`s Dashboard.

- All My Access Services : All Access Services of the User.

- All My Drafts : All Drafts of the User.

Views are created and edited by uploading XML files.
The Views screen is opened by clicking on the Viewsclip0049button in the Admin Panel.