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In the Self Service Portal, Categories are often referred to as Services.  Categories serve the same purpose as Services in which Self Service Portal content is organized.  Categories are at the top-level of a hierarchical structure that contain Categories, Topics and Forms. There is no limitation to the number of items that can be added in this organizational structure.

At the top level, Categories represent the grouping of specific services available to the user.  Currently, it is not possible to add descriptions, links or media directly to Categories.  If it is necessary to add additional information specific to categories, an initial Topic can be created to present Category information and/or content.  The initial Topic can be named "General Overview", "Introduction" or any other appropriate title.  Topics management is discussed further in the Topics Chapter.


The following diagram illustrates the organizational structure of Categories in relations to Topics and Forms.



Category administration is accessed through the Admin panel in the Category Section.

The Category admin page allows you to add, remove or modify Categories and Category details.

The Categories screen is opened by clicking on the Categories button in the Admin Panel.