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Parameter : Entries

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The  Entries tab shows a list of all current Entries of this Parameter. By default, the first 3 fields are shown (depending on your version, it is possible only 1 is shown).

You can remove columns from the table by clicking on the delete ( clip0441 ) icon next to the header's name.

Each column can be filtered by typing the filter into the text field below each columnheader.

The different options of the page are:


Add column to show: Select any field to add to the table below. Only un-shown fields are listed. Selections are not stored when re-opening the Parameter.
Show hidden entries : When an entry is marked as hidden, it is by default not shown. Use this checkbox to add it to the list of entries.
Current Entries: All existing entries for this Parameter are shown on-screen. Click on clip0443 to see all the data from that entry. Click on edit to change the entry's details. The contents of all fields appear on the right or in a popup (depending on your version of SSP) and can be changed. Click save to save the changes for this entry. Click on delete to remove the entry.
Add New Entry : the Fields that were created for this Parameter are presented. Click on clip0233 , fill in the fields and click on save to add a new entry to the Parameter.

alert_1818 The field 'Is Hidden' is always present. The default value is 'No', allowing this entry to be shown in SSP 7 forms & processes. If the value is set to 'Yes', the entry will no longer appear in SSP 7. This functionality avoids the need to delete an entry, and thus avoiding the risk of loosing information.