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Person synchronization

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The SSP application provides the possibility to synchronize the internal SSP Person database with any external database.

The synchronization is done by querying the database with the query defined in the adapter settings under "Database synchronization query":



Any condition on this query can be defined to limit the amount of people in SSP. Once people are loaded in SSP, they become available to be selected in New Requests and Shops, to login to SSP and to be used for Delegation (only if they have an account).

This query is executed by the SSP Scheduler and a task should therefore be defined like this:




Each time the task has run, the default fields (firstname, lastname, email, active, UniqueID) are loaded for all people. For people that should no longer be available in SSP, it is important that the active indicator is set to 0. When people are no longer available in the query, no updates are done to the person record in SSP, also not inactivated.

Custom user data synchronization

The synchronization query only retrieves the standard fields for persons in the external source. In the adapter settings, custom user fields may have been defined, which are not refreshed by the task described above. To also load these fields into SSP, an additional synchronization task should be added to the list of tasks:




When this task is executed by the SSP Scheduler the custom user data is refreshed per user. When multiple sources like LDAP, SM7 and datastore are used for custom user data, this task may need a long time to run and should therefore be scheduled on carefully selected moments.