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Approval Step

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Another type of step is an Approval Step.

This step sends an email to an Actor for approval. The approval by the Actor is given by completing 2 predefined approval fields in the SSP 7 approval form:


The following are the approval form fields:

- Decision, showing 2 options : 'I accept' & 'I decline', presented in radio buttons

- Comments : text area, required in case of decline.

Other possible actions:

 - Delegate: by clicking the clip0318icon, the Actor may delegate his task to one of his Delegates defined under My Profile.

 - Request additional info: by clicking theclip0319icon, the Actor may request additional clarification from the requestor.

 - Custom actions that are defined under Next Steps

An Approval step can be compared to an Action step, but with these key differences:

- The approval form can't be customized.  The approval form will always consist of a decision and comments field. In case more fields are required, please make use of an action step.

- A 'Declined' notification email is sent when the Actor rejects the request.

- When the Actor rejects the request the ticket will be closed.

- When there are more than 1 approver defined, the number of approvers required for an overall approval needs to be set.

An Approval Step is added by clicking on addstepin the Edit Steps tab of a process and defining the step type as an Approval step.

The following sections describes the creation of Approval Steps.