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A Multiplier Step allows you to repeat the same step inside a process.

A typical example is folder approval. A user can request access to multiple shared folders at the same time with each folder has its own designated approver. In the Multiplier step, the approval is multiplied by x times, where x represents the number of folders that are requested.

A Multiplier Point serves only as a switch and therefore no emails or Actors are defined.

This following diagram is an example of a multiplier point within a workflow path.



This process has the following steps:

- Notification 1 : An email sent to the Requester ( for example). This step only sends out the email to the Actor, and requires no interaction from the Actor. This step is then closed and the process continues to step 2.

- Multiplier 1 : This step will multiply the next step by the amount of Actors for the next step.

- Approval 1a to Approval 1c : This step is repeated, based on the criteria set in the Multiplier step above.

- Notification 2: Final notification, and the process is completed, so the ticket is closed.


To create a Multiplier Point, follow these guidelines:

On the Edit Steps tab of a process, click on addstep. The Step Details screen appears.