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Shops : Product Categories

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This tab allows you to build a list of Product Categories, to sort all Products. Products can be part of only 1 Product Category.

Click on '+ ADD CATEGORY' to create a new Category.

The list of current Product Categories is shown:


The columns present in the form table are:

Category: The Label of the default language
Order: Set the order of the Categories, as they are shown to the Users in the Shop.
Action: Delete & Edit action buttons

Sort Products (in all categories) :  you can not sort product individually within the Product Category. But with these 2 options, you can define how they are sorted:

- Alphabetically, with out a distinction between standard and non-standard.

- Standard first, then non-standard ( both alphabetically)


Cancel : disregards any changes and returns you to the list of all Shops.
OK : Saves any changes and returns you to the list of all Shops.
Save : Saves any changes but remains on the current page.