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Product x Country // Price

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The matrix Product x Country // Price is used to rapidly enter the base price for all Products, per Country .


The Countries are shown horizontally, the products are listed on the left, grouped by their Product Category. The intersection either displays the price, or 'N/A' when this Product  is not available in that country. You can also edit the price on the products details screen. Make sure the product is linked to a vendor in a specific country (in product details) when setting a price for a that country. The matrix Product x Country // Price, as shown on-screen, is for overview only, you can not make edits on-screen.

To edit the matrix, use the import & export function :


Use the button 'EXPORT TO EXCEL' to export the current matrix to MS Excel.  When the file is ready, you an choose to open or save it.


Please note that you need to save it as a Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003 Worksheet, and not as a Webpage or Office Excel 2007 ( .xlsx) format.


Edit the Excel sheet in MS Excel, then upload it to SSP, using the BROWSE and IMPORT buttons.  When the Excel file is uploaded it is processed immediately, there is no need for an extra save action.

If there are errors, they are shown clearly on top of the screen, for example:


Optionally, you can choose to lock the matrix. The name of the Administrator who locked the matrix is shown and only that person can unlock it again.  This functionality prohibits the event that 2 or more Administrators are working on the same matrix at the same, with the risk of overwriting each other's changes.



Cancel : disregards any changes and returns you to the list of all Matrices.