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Release 6.4

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On November 15, 2011, SMT-X has released a new version of their SSP solution. This new version consists out of many new features and contains several bug fixes. Please find below more information on the details of the release.

1.Dynamic Fields

Form fields can be defaulted and filtered by other values in the form, or by data from the end user of requestor.

2.Default answer for date fields

Date fields now have the option to have a default answer. The default answer can be set as a positive or negative number, preceded by a ‘t’. This number represents the number of days that should be added or subtracted from the current date. For example ‘t+1’ gives the date of tomorrow as the default answer.

3.Double click in multi select listbox transfer value to the other listbox

When clicked on a value in the left listbox of a multi select listbox, the value that has been clicked on is transferred to the other listbox, making it easier for users to select and unselect values.

4.Person custom and standard fields available in default answer

When defining fields in a form, it now is possible to have user variables providing the default answer. This makes it very convenient to show users already known information.

5.Select distinct in selection fields

Selection lists now have the option to only show unique values. Based on the value of the drop down all duplicates will be removed.

6.Import/Export of Forms

Just like processes, now also forms can be exported and imported. Datastore parameters used in the form are not included in the export and should be done manually.

7.First category closed

Per category it can be configured if this category should be displayed open or closed on the New Request page.

8.Form edit button for admins on live form

Users that have admin rights on forms, will see an icon on the end user interface. This icon will bring the administrator to the admin page of that request. Same button is also available for topics.

9.New request tabs are hidden when there are no forms

In case a topic doesn't contain any active or authorized forms, the Forms tab will not be displayed. Only the topic information page will be shown.

10.Category added to breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs-path on top of every page is now also showing the category to which the selected form belongs.

11.Date field : only allow future dates

When date fields are used on request forms, it now is possible to verify that only future dates can be selected.

12.Adding of multiple attachments in 1 field

A new field type has been added in order to accept multiple attachments. When this field type is used, there is no limitation to the number of attachments that can be linked to a form.

13."Last Modified" and "Last modified by" in forms in admin

For each process and form, the admin interface is now displaying the last time it has been updated. This gives information on who has been doing the last updates and when.

14.Cascading drop downs, allow defaulting on all levels

Cascading drop down questions now can have default answers on each level.

15.Searchable listbox shows selected value

When a value is selected in a single selection searchable listbox, the selected value in the list is now also displayed in the search field.



II.WorkFlow Engine
16.Renamed Deadline changed into reminder

In processsteps, the deadline field was used to send reminders to action holders when the configured number of days has passed. To more emphasize this, the field has been renamed into Reminder.

17.Resubmit ticket for other person

When a form has been submitted a new button becomes available to resubmit the ticket for another user. In case this button is clicked, the requestor is asked to select another person and the previously filled in values will be displayed again to be submitted for the other user. This resubmit option can be enabled and disabled per form.

18.Timeout option on process steps& Decision Points

Process Steps now have the additional setting of timeout. When the number of days set for the timeout has been reached, the Process Step will end. What action should be taken then, can be configured. Decision steps may also be used to capture the timeout event and take other actions.

19.Process summary line

On the top of each process a summary line can be displayed. This line can be used to show the ticket number clearly to users or show information from created tickets in other systems. The line can be configured with an HTML editor. By default the line is empty.

20.Set sender per process

It now is possible to define a from: email address when SSP sends an email message. The general email address is used when no email address is defined in the process.

21.Process admin rights : Roles

It is now possible to give admin access to specific processes. The admin access has been realized in combination with the granular ticket access, described later. In general, process administrator can jump to any step and close a process.

22.Process owners can close tickets

When a person is identified as process administrator, it is possible to close a ticket

23.Email template from Messages, now can contain the actual message

Email templates have been extended with some new variables allowing to add more dynamic data.

24.Additional operators for decisions step conditions

To define conditions in decision steps, additional operators "Begins with", "Ends with" and "Contains" have been added.

25.allow to upload documents in the messages function

The message “step in processes” now also contain the option of attachments. Next to free text, users now also can attach documents.

26.When process has stopped, all next process steps are no longer shown

In case a process has become to a controlled stop, all future steps in the process are no longer displayed. The Stop step is used as last step in the process.

27.Ticket number and description as breadcrumb

On top of every process, the process ID and the description of the triggering form or shop are displayed. This gives the user better information on what is currently being displayed.

28.Message function disabled for closed processes

A new option is added to processes, in order to disable the message function when a process has been closed.

29.Overnight reporting

Instead of sending the xls file, the file is being zipped and sent to the recipient.

30.Back to requestor function makes the requestor the new action holder

A new function in action and approval steps has been added to send a request back to the requestor. The request will be placed in the user's drafts list.

31.Adapter retry option

When an adapter step fails, the system will try again after some time. It can be configured when it should be executed and how many attempts should be made. The process no longer stops automatically anymore.

32.Process detail tree

The visibility of the path the workflow is going to follow has been extended. All steps currently available are shown to the end user.

33.Locking on processes

Optimistic locking has been implemented on the process detail screen for the end user, and on the admin process screen.

34.Process mapping preview

The preview of the fields mappings in the adapter has been updated and now shows more characters.

35.Process detail print

A print function is available on each step of a workflow. The template can be defined by an administrator.

36.Approval step extension

A file can be uploaded at an approval step.

37.Decision step extension

Decision step can be based on HPSD and SM7 ticket values


38.WebStore – non-standard main products

The Webstore now makes a distinction between main en non-standard products. These fields are sent to the workflow and decision paths can be used to generate different processes based on the kind of products the end user ordered.

39.Webstore - order accessories - split in product categories

Accessories are now ordered in different categories instead of one big category.

40.Webstore - order accessories - skip tab Product Details

You can configure the webstore more, to decide what data and pages to show, and which not. The top navigation of the shop has been enhanced to make it clearer to the end user so he can see clearly the current active step.

41.Webstore - sort Order Types – fix arrow up

The webstore has been made more user friendly. Certain ease of use actions like moving items, … were fixed or added.

42.My Items – sort all drop downs alphabetically

The drop downs showing service group, service, vendor are now displayed alphabetically.

43.WEBSTORE: Less page refreshes

To improve the end user feeling about the shop, more ajax functionality has been implemented which results in less page refreshes.

44.Subscription Highlight - change color

The summary of the shopping basket has been implemented in different CSS tags.

45.Skip check-out page when only standard products are ordered

You can configure per shop whether or not the check-out page needs to be shown when only standard products are displayed. If there are any required fields or any non-standard product this skipping of the check-out page is not possible.

46.Webstore admin pages can be authorized

The security mechanism has been implemented on the shop pages, allowing to assign users to different modules of the shop.

47.improved my items performance

Search actions on “My Items” have significantly improved. The graphic used to support the search results, will be displayed separately from the search results. This is done to improve performance and not wait for the completion of the graph.

48.WEBSTORE: Indicate during the "request" clearly the different parts of the request

The different tabs of the shop have been replaced by a more user friendly look & feel, using arrows

49.Webstore – Upload products

It is possible to upload a set of products using an excel sheet. All product fields are included, there are some restrictions regarding the matrices, see admin guide for more explanation.

50.Webstore – multi user

It is possible to submit products for multiple users in one go.


IV.General Settings
51.Support Kerberos

Single Sign On is now possible by using Kerberos. Users that have logged in to their windows environment will get automatic access to the portal. User data task needs to be in place to sync user data regularly in order to give also new users access through SSO. Failover login can be configured, in case SSO is not working or user is not recognized.

52.Approval Groups

Approval actions can now also be assigned to groups, instead of individual persons. Groups can be defined in a new admin function and persons can be linked to groups. By making a person the manager of a group, this person is able to add and remove people from the approval group. This can be done in the ‘My Profile’ section.

53.DataStore : External database adapter

The datastore has been extended with a new type of connection. It now is possible to read data from external databases. A connection string and query is required.

54.Extend search fields for persons

It is now possible to define which person fields should be displayed when searching for a person. All fields defined in the person extra tab will be available.

55.SDField and SMField parameters editable in admin panel

In the Adapter settings it is now possible to edit the fields available for mapping through the adapter. It can be configured if a field is displayed, can be mapped and in which order it is displayed. The addition of new fields is not supported.

56.My Profile: Set permanent delegate per process

Delegates can be set per process. The delegates do not longer have to be linked to a person alone.

57.Users as Parameter in DataStore

A new source has been added to the datastore, in order to show persons from the SSP database. The persons which are used are the persons available in SSP.

58.Datastore : refresh rate

A new option to directly refresh the content of the Datastore has been added. This way you can avoid waiting for hours to see the new data. The data remains cached for performance reasons.

59.Attachment display

When attachments are included in the fieldmapping, only the name of the attachment is shown and no longer the full HTTP path. Multiple attachments can be mapped to ServiceDesk in one go (using the new field type multiple attachment).

60.My Profile: admin can edit a user's profile

The profile page of users is now also displayed in the admin console, when editing the details of a person.

61.New task for person attributes

A new task is available that will load all custom defined user fields on scheduled times. This task will do the same thing as when a user logs into the system: all personal fields are loaded from the external sources like LDAP.

62.Search on SSP ID

The search page for end users has been extended to also search on SSP ticket number.

63.Editable help page

The help page has been made configurable. It is now possible to put any HTML text on the help page and link to videos, documents or other training material from there.

64.Translations : removed jumping back to top

Editing of translations has been made more user friendly.

65.bottom navigation not always correct

The bottom navigation is no longer static but also dynamic like the top navigation.

66.Standard offline support

A new option has been added to gracefully put SSP offline. A not-available page has been made available that can be displayed when the application is down for maintenance.

67.External Adapters : Show On Overview, extend to summary

The option in form fields "show on overview" now also defines if a field is displayed on the request summary page. Previously this field only

68.Extend form search

The search in the form now allows searching on multiple words.

69.DataStore : Address book improvements

The address book has been update to work dynamically. Meaning that any updates to the address book, will also be reflected in any newly created processes.

70.Login Action

When you login for the first time you go to the page you requested, you are no longer forced to go to the profile page first.

71.My Profile : Export search

It is possible to export your search results. The number of export results is limited by a general setting to avoid performance drops.

72.Views extension

The functionality of the views has been extended. It is no longer required to write sql queries. Some out of the box logics have been implemented and are optimized. See the admin guide for more explanation

73.HTML Editor

The fckEditor has been removed and a new editor is implemented supporting iE9

74.Search end user

The search functionality has been changed. Everybody first gets the end user search, the admin search is accessible using an extra button.

75.Bug fixes:
Time field does only accept ##:## no 0:30 no 9:30. Not very user-friendly
Attachment inclusion in All Form Field would display HTML tags. Tags are removed
When topic is not set as live, I can't select it in the form
Button upload file is too small for some languages
When hitting enter in search fields, always the form search is triggered
Type in admin console± Do not forget the save your changes
The word Step in process details is not translatable
When updating questions in a section, the section is closed after the update
Show approval vote in local language
Radiobutton for the yes/no question type is currently not translated.
The link "click here" and text REMINDER: can't be translated
List with persons on the account screen only shows persons with account
Error when deleting process step under certain conditions
Translation reload will no longer cause an error
Searchable listbox is no longer ordered alphabetically
Translation of search breadcrumb not possible
Ordering of form fields on the process overview page is incorrect
Approval rate not working correctly
When using All Form Fields variable in emails, the line breaks are missing
When sticky answer is active on searchable listbox, performance of opening the form decreases
Person that has delegate, receives 2 emails
Unable to select ServiceDesk fields in wait step information
Change form shows blank multiselect listbox
Excel error page when exporting security settings
Save as draft issue – Requested for is switched to Requestor
Password field looses content
Line breaks from HPSD fields not displayed correctly in process overview
Line breaks in HPSD fields incorrectly displayed on process overview page
Import of processes looses field references
Link in email incorrect when target step is within multiplier or parallel path
Error message when running manually overnight reports