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Release Notes 71

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1.Form field internal label

When renaming an internal label, some references got lost, these issue have been fixed and affect:

FormField.DynamicSubForm (dynamic subforms)
FieldLanguage.DynamicValue(dynamic values)
Antecedent.Value and Antecedent.DynamicField (antecedent dynamic values)


2.Validating numeric fields

Validation of numeric fields has been updated, using the culture of the user.


3.Provide values in URL to form

It is possible to pass data into a form through the URL that opens the form. Variables passed into the form should be based on internal labels. For example <A href=""144&description=Error%20reported&priority=High""></A>

4.Print function for request forms

Several customers have requested to be able to print their completed request form. Standard print function provides no acceptable results. This print functionality has been added


5.On the review page add a BACK button to go back into request


6.Split form in tabs

Tabs can be defined on forms, by a new field type called Tab. All fields between the starting indicator of a tab and closing indicator, will be displayed together on a new tab. Tab start indicators may not be set within a section. Tabs can only be defined on root level.

7.Allow copy of fields in forms where fields are not live

This is now possible.

8.Form field input causes issues when it contains HTML code

Possibility to HTML escape all fields in the form

All external fields can be escaped too. By default a new field is escaped. The old fields stay as previously defined


9.Allow pasting of images/clipboard

Copy Paste of images in the WYSIWYG has been made available

Please be aware that this image is stored inline as BASE64, so not advisable for big pictures

10.Auto Form Changes
1.Additional checks and warnings when importing Autoforms using excel sheets
a.If a required field is not filled in: 
i.Do not import the line
ii.Give a clear warning, to show that there is a required field missing : 
b.Field “XXXXXX” is a required field, but is empty in the excel sheet. This autoform is not imported. The line is : XXX.
c.IF a field is a selection field, like a dropdown, and the value in the excel sheet is not in the datastore:
i.Do not import the line
ii.Give a clear warning, to show that the value in the excel sheet is not valid
d.Field “XXXXX” has a value that is not present in the list of possible options. This autoform is not imported. The line is : XXX.
i.Sidenote : we can go far in this, think about filtering and cascading dropdowns. This is not needed for now, because we assume this will make this very complex. If it is less complex, we might consider adding it in 
2.Give the same options when uploading an excel sheet, as we have when uploading an excel sheet in the datastore:
a.Remove these entries
b.Add new & Replace existing
c.Add new & Do not replace existing
d.Only update existing (no new entries are added)
3.Avoid duplicates. We now only check the Id (column A).
But we also need to check in column B : Name.
If a Name already exists, do not import the line & give a clear warning:
a.Name ‘XXXX’ already exists, this line (‘XXX’) was not imported.
b.This is of course only needed if they select the option ‘Add new & Do not replace existing’, if they select ‘Add new & Replace existing’  or  ‘Only update existing (no new entries are added)’, then you check on ID & Name
11.Save as draft - template error

These issues were fixed:

issue 1
when you limit the number of fields in a searchbox, you press save as template, and you open it, the fields are no longer selected

when a filter has been applied on a multiple select list, on reload of template of draft does not select values anymore


12.Fullscreen modus is called with fields extended mode. "full screen" on view detail and view field detail, same name conversion needs to be implemented

Adjusted to "full screen" on view detail & view field detail.

13.When having a checkbox with multiple columns, sections don't work

This has been resolved;

14.Change form field search function

Currently if you search for “de ridder”, you first get the results for “de” and then for “ridder”.
The change is to allow the search for “de ridder” to allow only the words where “de” and “ridder” area appearing
So we get as results: “de ridder”, “ridder de”, “de ridderman”, …

So the current OR solution will be change to a AND solution. This will be configurable on field level

AND was the default value (not OR).
I added an extra option for search fields to indicate wheter to use OR or AND when searching words.

15.Firefox issues

Fix template and file upload issues in FF

16.Form Change profiles

Possibility to configure which fields can be edited in a form once the form has reached the workflow engine.



17.Variable with link to process without certain process step

This link now contains a GUID, not a reference to the ID

18.Define a mail receiver per process and not for the whole server

New overruling actor logic per process has been defined

19.In "Ticket and Step details", "Log" is enabled to everyone, no privilege restriction.


20.In "Ticket and Step details", "Log", all reminders and escalations are logged in with "Reminder sent to <SMTP address>" and "Escalation notice sent to <SMTP address>"


21.Create outlook .ics (outlook calendar item) from the process, containing the start and end time as defined

Like PDF reports you can now add text files to be generated. To generate an .ics file you can use these templates:

Hourly events:

SUMMARY:Our new meeting
LOCATION:The office

date format is yyyyMMddTHHmmss

Daily event:

SUMMARY:This is a daily test event
LOCATION:Some place


22.Enhance Messaging function

The message function has been redesigned and enhanced, see manual for further details. Users can  now specify to who the message is sent, and who can see it. The options presented to the end-users can be set on a general level.

23.Edit process changes

These two items have been resolved:

- When the ´add step‘ is set to `approval step‘ (because you added such a step in a previous action), and you switch to `action step` , the approval step fields are still there, and can not be removed.

- Notification step: unhide the section ‘Translations > Information’


24.Ticket Search using general search

Possibility to search on ticket number too using quick search (top banner)

25.Admin Label changes

Several admin labels have been renamed so it is more obvious for administrators.

26.You have the option to allow a role to create new processes but this new process does not automatically become available to that role

This has been resolved.

27.Approval step, with afterwards set variable, you always have to approve twice

This issue has been resolved.

28.New fields were added to the reporting template for a Process

Process > Last Status


29.Change messaging function improvement

For every ticket, a box is currently foreseen at the bottom of the page, where users can enter a message. When entered, an email, containing the message, is sent to the selected Actor(s). The message is also visible for other actors.


30.Change process import

To support links to fields using internal label instead of ID

31.PDF Reporting : make filename cleaner

File names being generated allow now special characters from other languages

32.The form takes the requestor and not the requested for, as chosen in the shop

This has been fixed


33.Delete a ticket, not just stop the ticket

In admin, only administrator of the process can delete the process


34.Small changes to Webstore - overview


• Edit a product
• CR : product should be able to be a link
• But button “Add to Shopping Basket” should need to be “Open link” 
• So a different label is needed

• When Shop is set to NOT show prices, the text “Click on UPDATE PRICE to update price” is still shown
This button needs are removed.

• Default text area size is too small in the shop, set default set to
• 45 columns
• 5 Rows

• Webstore : Product form : sorting of questions is working again
FIXED: Webstore : search products (end user view) also returns results from shops that are NOT live

• FIXED: Webstore : when no prices are shown, do not show RENT PERIOD in tab SHOPPING BASKET (html table)


Formatted string can be vendor reference

- Add Vendor ref to shop  by country (?)

- welcome text at login

- when a task is in error a message is displayed: error task not found

Welcome message translation: Common.Login,Welcome

36.Error deleting item type - after deleting adapter it works

This has been resolved

37.Assign Roles on user select

All roles assigned to a user are dynamically assigned when requesting for someone else instead of using the current database content.

38.Products that are not live are still showing up in shop products

This has been resolved

39.Shop import / export

OK, done for shop general data.
NOT: products, matrices, icons, linked docs, process link, security

40.Enhancements to Services & Item Types
-Services & Vendors pages edited
-Sort on columnheader 
-Search filter on top
-Service group mentioned with Services



41.Allow navigation also on top using a general setting on all pages

This is configured using a general setting.

42.Allow dashboard views to be searchable

This function has been redesigned and enhanced, see manual for further details.

43.Order views

Ordering of views is no longer alphabetical. There was a bug that the order was not respected.

44.Extend the current delegate functionality

New setting in public available: Filter person search in public by these equal person attributes

45.Implement external authentication using a proxy

An external SSO component has been added to SSP. This allows to use Kerberos outside the customer domain to authenticate on a customer domain, and to forward any valid request to the SSP Portal

46.When login method is internal and general authentication <> internal, then the password reset boxes is available


47.View change filtering on person attributes

New options:


The same applies for RequestedForExtraFields


48.eCar: quick departure

Implemented quick departures in eCar.

49.Persons default false on import

When importing persons from external source, the persons are sometimes deleted, so we only get active persons. This is an option.

50.Add new columns to My Items

1./ QTY  (= same as ‘Usage’, can be imported)
2./ UNIT (within storage this is for example the number of gigabytes consumed)
3./ UNIT PRICE (price of 1 unit, eg 1 Gb data)

51.FCKEditor removed

Telerik WYSIWYG has been implemented to solve IE compability issues

52.Reporting dashboard security mechanism

- need one extra level before selecting a report (e.g) per country
- security on each level and inheritable

- A dashboard has an owner, who has automatically access to this report
- an owner has admin rights automatically (as on a process)


53.eCar Changes

As requested by Siemens.

54.Possibility to view the body of an email sent by SSP

A ‘view’ button has been added to admin email queue.

55.Data store import improvement

When importing an excel into a new Data Store Parameter import, you had to delete the ID columns manually, This ID column will be ignored now

This is however a setting and can be done via the option "Add all as new (ignore "data_id" column)"


56.Add Variables in Views

Use this format: Variable-NameOfVar.

57.New Impersonate functionality 

New Impersonate functionality added to Admin - Manage Persons
Does exactly the same as logging in as if you are the user. Writes a log entry.
Access Right Needed to be able to do this: "Administration Pages" - "Impersonate Person"

58.View errors when loading an script in a view (logic)

There is a new type of portlet added for dashboards: Plain text (instead of a HTML box). This allows to use external links without javascript errors.

59.Calendar overview changes

Link calendar control settings to groups, can be configured in admin


Knowledge Management

60.Increase URL link field size

The size has been increased to 100 chars instead of 255.

61.KM Improvements

- Fixed css issues on new nodes

- possibility to open a node when you click on the title instead of the icon

- Default node to option can be put to None

- In case users are doing a search with the searchbox in the menu bar, they also see results from the KM-module.





62.Reporting dashboard file upload error

Issue when uploading certain special attachments has been fixed.


63.Webstore search embedded in standard search

In case users are doing a search with the searchbox in the menu bar, they also see results from the shop.


64.Move translations to a seperate tab

A new setting has been made available in the preferences screen under My Profile.

On that preference screen, you can define which languages you want to show in your admin panels. So administrators don’t see all the other language boxes, and we avoid a lot of scrolling.


65.Filter and search on role-set lists in admin

New Filter functionality has been added


66.Error templates

There was an issue with templates and drafts linked to attachments. All known issues regarding this topic have been fixed.

67.Translation bug

Focus after entering a translation was incorrect on some screens. Pressing ‘enter’ deleted some translations instead. These focus issues have been resolved.


68.Add filter option in views for process and form fields

You can now use this for example:


this will only show tickets where the form fields Incident equals test and Field2 equals value2

69.Change label error

After copying a form, changing internal label caused my items, but those have been fixed.


70.User login to the system although an error has occurred during person data queries

so use the current values, if empty or wrong, that can be ignored then .

71.Give first editable field in form focus


72.My Profile Error

Error during load of profiles, with many groups and rights has been improved.


73.Allow custom user attributes to be updated in manage persons

All attributes have been added, but please be aware for not updating the unique ID of the person.

74.Add new View change to be able to view any outstanding approvals by a person

This new option has been added, using the key value: "OpenActionIsApproval".


75.Allow ODBC person sync (and other query in adapters)

ODBC and oledb now possible for User import and Sync (in Person Data tab).

76.Adapter page changes

Data store has moved to person data.

xcbl moved to webstore settings (next to cxml tab).

Kerberos and external login are moved to admin - settings – login.

Person data tab has been redesigned.


77.extend ODBC adapter

ODBC has been added to SM7 and SD45 adapter.

78.Back button in overlay popup brings users back to login screen

In case a user opens a fullscreen view, immediately after login and then press Back, they go back to the login screen. This was not logical and from a fullscreen view mode, users should go back to the dashboard when clicking the back button.

79.Automated Reporting (all tickets)

Under admin > Reporting you can now set ‘automated reports’. They allow you to either send a report by email or place a file on a given location. This is all done on a to be defined interval and settings. You basically select process templates per process, over multiple processes. Each reporting template will generate a tab in the excelsheet. The file will contain all tickets from the chosen processes.


80.Administrate datastores from a process

You can now add entries to any datastore from a webservice, that is started by a process step of  that type. You can also edit existing entries.


81.Scrubbing on Item Types

You can scrub (or scan) Item types based on given parameters? If a scrub finds a hit, a ticket is started in SSP. You can also group tickets by a parameter (like the manager).