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Release Notes 713

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1.End user in a form: focus gets lost, sometimes 2 clicks are required

This has been bugfixed

2.Importing and exporting does not work with sections

Has been resolved

3.Extend sections

- Does not contain now added as an operator
- Is Empty or Is Not Empty can now be used by leaving the value empty, and using "equals" or "different" as operator.
(Is empty/not is empty can only be used on a single value, but a section already has 2 values)


4.My Items Dashboard

If checkbox “Hide in MyItems” is set in service, do not show any Item Type linked to that service on the dashboard.

5.My items ... make the fields dependable on the service group

- fields per service group can be used
- The unit of an itemtype can be defined
- new translation possibilities in my items

6.Workflow ticket print

Has been enhanced, a separate stylesheet (print.css) has been implemented


7.Always put the scrubbed file in the same location, same filename

Configuration setting in the scrub definition

8.WebStore - Improve import / export

Get a list of all available products from the shop

9.Shop quantity issue

When multiple items of one product were ordered, this quantity was not processed correctly. This has been resolved on all places using this quantity


10.My Items: SuperDashboard & SuperSCrub

New functionality

11.Menu items

Link menu items to roles ... making them dynamic

12.Reservation center

A complete new module to allow room bookings has been added


Allow javascripts on dashboard and new request page, allowing dynamic functionality like caroussels, ...

14.View on dashboard using hidden fields

When using hidden fields as key on a view on a dashboard, the view got corrupted. This item has been resolved

15.SSP scheduler

A new data access timeout adapter has been added, in order to resolve any timeout issues which might occur

16.My Items Dashboard

- Close Month checkbox and Comments textbox on top
- Sorting of item types on name
- Filter on top to limit list on items in error for a certain month


17.Automated reporting

Allow to filter the list of tickets that are sent over add filtering on date (from/to)

18.User doesn't receive e-mail when "no-email" is selected in his profile

this emailing feature (automated reporting) should NOT look at the email setting in 'My profile'

19.Make icons smaller by 50%


20.Split the Role tab from the rest of person management

Done via right on new Admin Page called "Person Roles".
If you have access to that admin page (or All Admin Pages) you can change the user's roles, otherwise not.
Via update script 1144, the new right is given to all those who already had rights to the admin page "Person Detail" (they could manage the user's roles)

21.Omnitracker enhancements

- bugfixing
- performance tweaks