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Stay Logged In

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It is possible to let SSP 7 remember the last successful user login. When the user closes the browser and later gets back the portal, no authentication is required.

alert Please take note of the following warnings and limitations before activating this functionality:

oAnyone who gets access to a persons computer can login with that persons account. This will make it possible to submit or approve items under other persons credentials.
oA cookie is stored in the users Windows profile. The username within the cookie is encrypted with 64-bits encryption technology.
When making use of RoleSets, SSP 7 will remember the Roles granted when the user logged in for the last time. Any updates in the RoleSet are only done when the user logs in again.
When the Log Out button is used, the cookie containing the users login information will be deleted and the user needs to provide login credentials again in the next visit.