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Reporting : Basic Reporting

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Basic Reporting present pre-defined graphics on the usage of SSP 7, and SLA benchmarking on tickets.

The filters on top allow you to choose a start & end month & year.


The following graphics are offered :

1. Dashboard Visits / Month

This charts shows the number of visits on the Dashboard (the initial entry page during a normal login) per month.


2. Form Visits / Category

This charts shows all forms visits, grouped in Categories. Mouse-over any column to see the name of the Category.


3. Total requests placed & visited per form

This charts shows the visits & submitted forms. Each form is represented by 2 bars:

- Blue : the visits, so the amount of time a form was opened

- Yellow : Submitted, showing how many time a form was submitted.

Select a Topic from the filter below the chart to change the Topic : clip0087


4. Tickets per process ( closed / open )

This chart shows the tickets per process. Each column represents a single process.

The colors indicate how the tickets are performing versus their SLAs. SLAs are set in the Step Details of the process. The Deadline field (indicated in days, used to trigger off the reminder email) is the SLA deadline as well. When you mouse-over a column's section, you will see the number of ticket in that section.


The colors indicate each section:

- Green : Finished, within SLA

- Orange :  Finished, out of SLA

- Yellow: In progress, within SLA

- Red : In progress, out of SLA

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