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when opening the 4th tab: Reporting, 2 reports will be automatically given:
1. Reservations / Meeting Room (total: number of reservations)
2. Reservations / Month (total: number of reservations)
If you'd like to have the reports of a certain period, filter the dates by entering the dates in the From and To text boxes.
From & To: 2 numbers for the day (if it's only one number, add a 0) / month: 2 numbers (if it's only one number, add a 0) / year: 4 numbers
example: 02/07/2012
OR: You can use the calendar: click the calendar button clip0143 and choose the date.
       To change the month in the calendar, use the arrow clip0147 to go to the previous month or use the arrow clip0146 to go to the next month.