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ReservationsCenter Countries

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The tab Countries allows to manage the countries.

The search box allows to search for a country.

The list below shows all countries that are used in the system.


The following actions are available:

Edit Country: Use the Edit button clip0119  to edit the selected country.
Delete country: Use the Delete button delete to remove the selected country.
Add Country : Use the Add button clip0130 to add a country, selected from the datastore, as set in general settings.


When a country is selected for Editing, the following screen shows all options per country. These fields are available:




Country : read-only display of the country-name, for reference
Default account: text field - that is the account that is used as a source when charging the reservations
Administrator's email: Enter an email address, this address receives a copy of all reservations. Multiple addresses can be entered, split by ;
Intervals of reservation : fixed value of 15 minutes
Minimum Meeting Duration: enter the number of 5 minutes blocks
Maximum Meeting billing per day : enter a value if you want that a meeting extending this duration is invoiced above. For example:
oif this setting is 8 hours, and a meeting has a duration of 10 hours, only 8 hours are billed.
othis is a setting per day, so recurrent or continuous reservations are looked at day per day
Preparation Time : these 4 boxes allow to enter (in blocks of 15 minutes) the time needed before and after a meeting ended, the clean the room & prepare it. You can enter 0 if no time is needed. Please enter the values for a single room and for combined rooms (that consist out of multiple single rooms).
Curreny: enter the symbol for currency, examples: €, $
Fixed reservation : in Euro, this fee can be overwritten at room's level
Start / End Time : start & end time when the center is open, so users can book a meeting room.
Cancellation Time for end user: Days final users can cancel a reservation before it is supposed to start.
oAdministrators can cancel a meeting at any time before the start.
Controller: Period for changes : expressed in         days
oThe final date the division controller can change the cost center of the reservations.
oExpressed in days in the month after the month of the reservation.
oThe system keeps a log of which division controller made the change.
Show Resources in Public : show the resources to users that book a meeting
Show Catering in Public : show the catering options to users that book a meeting


To save the changes, click the clip0131 or clip0427 button. To cancel the changes, click the clip0129 button.


Key Dates : set the key dates

A key date is when the country is not open for reservations or needs a warning. With the screen below, these dates can be managed. The list of reasons is the same for all countries and managed under General Settings.


To enter a new Key Date:

Enter the Start date & time (entered as for example: 13:58)
Enter the End date & time
Contact Person : Search the person in the SSP users by clicking on clip0430, or enter the name in the text field below.
Reason : select the reason, complete the text field if that option is selected
Allow reservations : check the 'Yes' box if users can make a reservation at this key date.

To save the changes, click the clip0130 button. To cancel the changes, click the clip0129 button.


Once added, a list appears with all key dates:


The field 'Month' allows to select a month, to see the key dates of that month. Only months that hold key dates are shown in the list.

The Key reason can be deleted by clicking on the delete button. A reason can not be edited.