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Key Dates : set the key dates

A key date is when the location is not open for reservations or needs a warning. With the screen below, these dates can be managed. The list of reasons is the same for all locations and managed under General Settings.


To enter a new Key Date:

Enter the Start date & time (entered as for example: 13:58)
Enter the End date & time
Contact Person : Search the person in the SSP users by clicking on clip0430, or enter the name in the text field below.
Reason : select the reason, complete the text field if that option is selected
Allow reservations : check the 'Yes' box if users can make a reservation at this key date.

To save the changes, click the clip0130 button. To cancel the changes, click the clip0129 button.


Once added, a list appears with all key dates:


The field 'Month' allows to select a month, to see the key dates of that month. Only months that hold key dates are shown in the list.

The Key reason can be deleted by clicking on the delete button. A reason can not be edited.