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There are 3 types of users in the application, besides normal end users:

1. Super administrators

Super Administrators can assign the Country Administrator(s).They also have all other rights of the lower user-levels.

The interface shows the current super-administrators, with the option to delete it. New entries can be selected from the SSP-known users.


2. Country administrators

- All privileges of a country administrator is limited to the assigned country or countries.

- The country administrator can assign and change the division controller to the divisions.

- Besides it has to be possible to add or delete several divisions to the division controller’s responsibilities.

- The country administrator can modify reservations in the future and in the past.

- The country administrator can manage the locations, rooms, general settings, …

The interface shows the current country-administrators, with the option to delete it. New entries can be selected from the SSP-known users. The column 'Countries' shows the assigned countries.



3. Division Controllers

This user is able to see all the reservations of his division.

They can open a report with all the made reservations during the last month. They can change the Cost center of the reservation. This way we can assure that the use of meeting rooms is billed correctly. It is important that after the set number of days of each month the data is blocked for modifications (see General Settings-tab). When they do changes it needs to be registered who and when exactly the last modification was done.

To add a new Division controller:


- Select the Person, using the Search in SSP users

- Select the country from the selection list. Only countries that are activated int he app (see tab 'Countries') are listed here.

- Select one or more division

- Click on clip0447