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Scheduled Imports

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Scheduled Imports give you an overview of all planned imports using Excel sheets. Access this section by clicking on the link next to this icon:


By default, the scheduled imports for the next 7 days are shown :


The overview shows:

Vendor : The name of the vendor.
Service: The name of the Service.
Scheduled : The scheduled date for the import. This is by default set at the next import window, as defined in My Items Settings.
Name : Name of the User who prepared and uploaded the file.
Status : Indication if the file is processed or waiting to be processed.

Actions :

edit : Edit : Change the details of this scheduled import.
delete : Delete : Delete the selected scheduled import.

Buttons :

clip0105: This button takes you to the Import Items section of My Items.
clip0022: Disregards any changes and returns you to the main screen of My Items.