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Search by Person / item type

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This screen offers the following options:


Start Date : Select the start date by clicking on the calendar icon.
End Date : Select the end date by clicking on the calendar icon.
User Unique ID : enter the Unique Id to find a User. The unique ID is defined in the General Settings of SSP.
User Name : enter the name, complete or partially, of the User, whose assets you like to find. When more than 1 name matches, the search results will show all devices for all Users that fall within the name range as defined in this field.
Item Unique ID : enter the unique ID (or Serial) to find a particular item. The Unique ID is defined when setting up Item Types.
Service Group : Services are grouped into Service Groups. Select any Service Group to filter the list of Services in the next drop down - this field is not required.
Service : Select any Service from the list. This field is filtered by the Service Group above  - this field is not required.
Vendor : Select any Vendor from the list. This field is filtered by the Service above  - this field is not required.

Click on theclip0084button to start the search query or theclip0085button to export the search result in an excel sheet. By clicking theclip0022button any changes are disregarded and you return to the main screen of My Items.

The Search Results are shown, divided over the different Services.


Click on theclip0088button in the Action column to see all specific details of the Item.

The Item Details are shown above the Search For Items section:


The Item-specific fields are editable (except the Item Unique ID), and changes will be saved into the DB by clicking theclip0090button. Please be aware that any changes done here can be overwritten by a new import of information.

You can perform a new search by folding open the Search box below the details of this Item.

Possible Actions on this Item

This box will list any Adaptors that you defined on the Item Type, to which this Item belongs.

An Adaptor will link any Item to a form made in SSP, using the Form Builder. The Adaptor will not only open the form, but can pre-fill fields in the form with data from the item.

This functionality is also present for the User, when he searches his item from the top navigation element.