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Search for previous tickets

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In order to search for earlier submitted requests, the search Menu item should be used. By default the search screen opens in the correct mode called "Record I submitted". This allows to search for previously submitted tickets. To search for forms to be submitted, use the "Search for Requests" option.



Load filter : Previously stored filters can be selected in this drop down list

Process : Displays a list with Forms and Shops from which the user previously has started processes

Date From : To search within a timeframe, the starting date of the timeframe can be selected here

Date To : To search within a timeframe, the end date of the timeframe can be selected here

Status : Choose wether the tickets in the search result should still be open, closed or either of them.

Ticket number : When the ticket number is known, this field can be used to search a ticket on its reference number

Display step columns : When this option is set to "For all steps" or "For all active steps", the current status of a step is displayed with an icon. It is advised to disable this option when long lists of tickets are expected from the search result.

Save filter settings : To save all search settings for later use, set this checkbox to true and give the filter a name. This name will be displayed in the next search in the drop down list behind the field "Load filter".

To search for tickets in a more advanced way, click on the "Advanced Search Option" button to open the advanced search panel.


After a search the result will look something like this:



The Layout of the search results can be altered by an Administrator. This layout is defined in Admin » Search ticket result views



Different layouts can be defined, of which one default can be chosen. If you edit the layout you get a screen where you can define the fields which are shown as search result


The Logic of the fields is identical as when you are defining fields in the views. So if you need more help please go to View field details for more information.