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Shops : Check Out

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The tab Check out allows you to define the Checkout tab for Users. You can create a number of questions for this tab and Set the Non-Standard text to be shown, when non-standard products are ordered.

1. Checkout Information

This Formbuilder allows you to enter a list of Fields, that are shown on the Check out tab, for all Shopping paths, regardless of chosen Order Type, Product Category, etc.

This Formbuilder is similar to the end-user Formbuilder ( see Topic : Forms ) with certain limitations . The following list describes the limitations:

 - List of available simple fields are limited to : Text Box (single line), Text Area (Multiple lines), Radio Button (yes/no), Upload File, Date Field

 - List of available Selection fields are limited to : Drop down, Checkboxes, Radiobuttons

 - no Sections, hidden fields, display only fields, cascading drop downs or headers can be added.

 - no Input Masks can be applied

 - no default values can be defined, also not dynamically.

 - To set if a field is required, there is an additional option ( next to 'Yes' & 'No') : Yes with non-standard options selected. When this last option is selected, the question is required when non-standard           options are selected.


The columns present in the form table are:

Label: The Label of the default language
Type: The selected type of the Field
Required: Options: Yes, No, Yes with non-standard options selected
Live: is the field visible for users
Order: Set the order of the Fields
Action: Delete & Edit action buttons

Click on '+ ADD FIELD'  to add a new Field to the list.

For details on using the Formbuilder refer to the Formbuilder for End-user forms.  Follow this guide but be aware of the limitations as previously described in this section.


2. Non Standard Text

This text is shown on the Check Out page, when non-standard items are ordered. Enter the text in the different languages, as set up in your SSP.




Cancel : disregards any changes and returns you to the list of all Shops.
OK : Saves any changes and returns you to the list of all Shops.
Save : Saves any changes but remains on the current page.