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Shops : Order Types

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This tab allows you to build a list of Order Types. Order Types are presented to the user, he needs to select an Order Type on the Initial Form-tab. When selecting an Order Type, the User gets presented a selection of Product Categories, and his current Items, within the selected Service. Finally, processes, that are built in the Workflow Engine of SSP, are linked to Order Types. You are required to set up at least 1 Order Type to be able to link a process to a Shop.

Click on '+ ADD ORDER TYPE' to create a new Order Type.

The list of current Order Types is shown:


The columns present in the form table are:

Order Type: The Label in the default language
Order: Set the order of the Order Types, as they are shown to the Users in the Shop.
Action: Delete & Edit action buttons



Cancel : disregards any changes and returns you to the list of all Shops.
OK : Saves any changes and returns you to the list of all Shops.
Save : Saves any changes but remains on the current page.