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When Editing or adding a Product, the third tab is Product Form. This tab allows you to create a mini-form, that is only shown to the User when this Product is selected. The questions are shown on the Shopping Basket-tab.

This Formbuilder is similar to the end-user Formbuilder ( see Topic : Forms ) with certain limitations . The following list describes the limitations:

 - List of available simple fields are limited to : Text Box (single line), Text Area (Multiple lines), Radio Button (yes/no), Upload File, Date Field

 - List of available Selection fields are limited to : Drop down, Checkboxes, Radiobuttons

 - no Sections, hidden fields, display only fields, cascading drop downs or headers can be added.

 - no Input Masks can be applied

 - To set if a field is required, there is an additional option ( next to 'Yes' & 'No') : Yes with non-standard options selected. When this last option is selected, the question is required when non-standard           options are selected.


The columns present in the form table are:

Label: The Label of the default language
Type: The selected type of the Field
Required: Options: Yes, No, Yes with non-standard options selected
Live?: is the field visible for users
Order: Set the order of the Fields
Action: Delete & Edit action buttons

Click on '+ ADD FIELD'  to add a new Field to the list.

For details on using the Formbuilder refer to the Formbuilder for End-user forms.  Follow this guide but be aware of the limitations as previously described in this section.



Cancel : disregards any changes and returns you to the list of all Products.
OK : Saves any changes and returns you to the list of all Products.
Save : Saves any changes but remains on the current page.