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Shops : Search products

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When selecting the option 'Products' next to the Shop name, the following screen is shown: All Products.

This screen allows you to search in the database of current products in the Shop, and to add a new Product.



Add a New Product

Click on '+ ADD PRODUCT' to add a new Product to the Shop

Search Existing Products :

Enter a Product Title to search for an existing product
Select a Service from the drop down
Select a Vendor from the drop down
select a (Product) Category from the drop down

Click on SEARCH PRODUCTS to start your search. Matching products are listed below:


The columns present in the form table are:

Product Name: The Name in the default language
Category : the Product Category
Is Live: Indication if the Product is shown to the Users
Actions: Delete & Edit buttons


Export Products :

Click on 'EXPORT' to export all current products into an Excel sheet. The export contains all general information of a product, except the image, and also does not include the price.


Import Products

Import products from Excel : Edit the Excel sheet in MS Excel, then upload it to SSP, using the BROWSE and IMPORT buttons.  When the Excel file is uploaded it is processed immediately, there is no need for an extra save action. If there are errors, they are shown clearly on top of the screen.