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Signing Documents

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When the General Settings have been set correctly, it is possible to let SSP 7 generate signed documents with your corporate DocuSign signature.

Any PDF document available within a workflow, can be signed by DocuSign. In the example below, a PDF document is generate by SSP 7, signed and sent by email.

1.Define a PDF Report within your process. For example:
2.Include a step in your process of the type "Sign documents via DocuSign".
3.Ignore all settings with respect to reminders, messaging and Escalation. Open the section with header "Sign documents via DocuSign settings"
4.In the field labeled "Value", set a reference to the PDF document you want to have signed. For example:
5.Open the section with header "Initial email" to compose the content of the email that should be sent.
6.Now set who should receive the signed document(s) by going to the Actor Settings header.