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Small Changes

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The view definition for Sympa has been extended and bug fixed.
Reporting on shop ‘ticket level’ / See last orders of user
You can now view your last orders. The button is next to the select other user button when entering a shop.

Admin: Process Owners

It is possible to define a process owner per process. Owners only are able to change the process. 
You do not have to use a role to link an owner to a process,  this is done on the process definition page.

WebStore Reporting Changes

Webstore reporting has been extended:

- Add labels to x-axis
- Add filters
- Add export to excel

WebStore Reporting: put chart on dashboard

It is possible to put 1 report on the dashboard. This can be controlled in the reporting page. using the dashboard page you can determine the location of this graph

Shop / Navigation on dashboard

Navigation in the categories can now not only be done in the sub-levels, but also on the top level

Webstore Reporting: Graph Product/Service

The 0 order products have been removed from the chart.

Webstore tab in Reporting: Labeling Charts

The titles of the reports have been replaced by a label:

Webstore.Admin.Reporting -> ShopVisitsRequestsPerMonthTitle
Webstore.Admin.Reporting ->VisitsPerShopTitle
Webstore.Admin.Reporting ->Top10ProductsOrdered
Webstore.Admin.Reporting ->Bottom10ProductsOrdered
Webstore.Admin.Reporting ->ProductsPerShopTitle
Webstore.Admin.Reporting ->ProductsPerServiceTitle

Webstore search embedded in standard search

In case users are doing a search with the search box in the menu bar, they also see results from the shop. Previously, only results from the forms where shown.