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SSL Encryption

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To improve security on the communication between SSP7 clients and the IIS webserver, it is advised to run the SSP7 application with SSL encryption. To enable SSL in IIS, you must first obtain a certificate that is used to encrypt and decrypt the information that is transferred over the network. IIS includes its own certificate request tool that can be used to send a certificate request to a certification authority. This tool simplifies the process of obtaining a certificate

A certificate file is received from the certification authority, which should be configured on the computer. Afterwards, Configure Folder or Web Site to Use SSL/HTTPS:

Log on to the Web server computer as an administrator
Start IIS
Right-click the Web site, folder, or file for which you want to configure SSL communication, and then click Properties
Click the Directory Security tab. Click Edit.
Click Require secure-channel (SSL) if you want the Web site, folder, or file to require SSL communications