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Sub Form

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Sub form : You can link another form (child form) into the parent Form. When adding a Field of the type 'Sub form', the fields from the child form are shown to the end-user, but not copied into the Field list of the parent Form. So when the child Form is changed, this is reflected immediately in the Parent Form.

When entering a Sub form, a label is requested, but not shown to the end-user.

Simply select the Form from the selection box at the end of the page:


To link the subform, these options are available:
- Fixed Subform : select a form from the list
- Dynamic subform : select the form based on a relative input from any source:
 Person Field: Any information from the Requestor or the Requested For can be selected. These fields are defined under Admin > Adapters > Person Data.

 Form Field: The drop down list shows all questions. By selecting a question, all fields of the parameter become available. The selected column will be used as default answer of the current question.

       Main/Sub Form Field: When Subforms are used in a form, use this option to select it, and see the Fields belonging to it. This can be used both when defining the main form, as well as the sub form.

 Base Form Field : When a form is used in a process, you might want to use a field from the form that was used to start the process. This is where you can select those fields.

 Process Instance Variable: when a form is used in a process, you have access to the Variables that are defined in that process. Select the process and the variables are presented for selection.

 Repeatable section index : when using repeated sections, you might want to know the sequence number of that section. use this option to implement it in your form (for example to show the number of entries).


alert_1818 You can only link 1 form for Sub form Field. If you want to add multiple Forms, create multiple Fields of the type Sub Form.

Once a sub-form has been added to a form, the sub-form can be accessed via the "View form" button.

alert_1818 The same form can only be added once as a subform. This is to avoid duplicate internal labels.

Use the SAVE button to save the changes and remain on this screen, or use the OK button to save your changes and return to the Overview screen, or use the CANCEL button to discard any changes.