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The SAP Adapter is available from SSP 7.5.2 and forward.

The SSP7 SAP adapter works with SAP PI (7.1, 7.11 and 7.3) and SAP PrO (7.3.1 and above).

SAP XI is not supported due to the unavailability of SOAP 1.1. Synchronous HTTP post may be possible with SAP XI.


Supported methods

To communicate with SAP the SSP7 Adapter uses BAPI. Currently there is no support for Call Transaction, IDOC or RFC. The communication is done over web services and on the SAP PI platform the BAPI is called for further processing in SAP.


Extended use

The SAP Adapter can be extended for future integrations without the usage of SAP PI. This would require SAP 6 ECC.

In case integrations based on IDOCs, call transactions or RFC are required, please get in touch with SMT-X to discuss the possibilities.