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Ticket Assignment

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Tickets can be assigned to groups or persons. Groups and persons can be modified within a ticket and can be set during creation of a ticket and from within the workflow. Assignment fields are specifically related to tickets and have no direct relationship with step actors, although they can be related. This is shown later.

Assigned to group view

The screenshot below shows a list of tickets assigned to one of the groups of the currently logged in Person. The list shows basic ticket information and who is currently assigned.





Setting assignee


There are 3 ways to set an assignee within a ticket: Within the Ticket details page (see next topic), within a form definition, within a process step.


Within the form definition, the assignee is set on the general settings page of a form:






At the place where a process is linked to a form, it is now possible to map values into ticket fields. When for example the assigned group is linked to the type of request selected, it may look like this:





In case the mapping of ticket fields can only be done after a process has started, a new type of process step is introduced:





With this process step, any field of the ticket can be set to another value or be extended with new information. Additionally it is possible to lock the ticket to avoid editing. The latter may be useful in case an approval is pending and the ticket should only be accessible after approval has been granted.

To set ticket field values, the common dropdown lists can be used, for example: