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Ticket details

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Within the approval details screen all information about the approval step can be found:


On top the detail screen shows the name of the requested for person, with its email address. Underneath that, the original request form name is displayed followed by the request date.

Next, the current open step (the pending approval) is displayed. The switch button can be used to decide between approve or decline. The comments field is mandatory in case decline is selected.

Under the header called Extra info, information can be found that is displayed on top of an approval step in the desktop user interface, as visible in the screen shot below.


Under Extra info there is a section called Request. Under this header the request details can be found as displayed in the desktop user interface under "Request".

Next to the personal information of the requested for person, an icon is displayed. When clicking this icon, the current step will be opened in the mobile interface of SSP. Please note that this only works properly in case the SSP mobile interface is available from the user's phone browser.


When clicking on the clip0458icon, the mobile web interface of SSP is opened and the process step that was visible in the mobile app is opened there.