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Ticket details

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When opening a ticket, all ticket details become visible and editable (unless blocked through a workflow update).





To re-assign a ticket to another group of person, you should simply start typing within any of these fields. For example:






Action log


The action log keeps track of all activities done within the ticket. It is possible to manually add a new log entry. In that case, you get the option to store the entry as internal, or visible to the requestor. In case it is visible to the requestor, the entry will be displayed as a message in the workflow.






My Actions

Under this caption all currently pending (and visible to current user) process steps of the types Approval and Action are displayed. Parallel steps are displayed underneath each other.





The example above shows that the current workflow has 2 pending workflow steps called Parallel1 and Parallel2. The first step is currently assigned to the group Global HR Approvers and the second to Local IT Managers EMEA. When looking at the same ticket within the workflow, it will look like this:






From within the ticketing module, it is possible to reassign a step to another group, because the workflow step has the action “Change actor” enabled. To modify the actor within the ticket, this should be done:






After selecting another group, the action list looks like this:





As seen above the first process step now has another group assigned and the second step now has a person selected belonging to the group Local IT Managers EMEA.


Please note that the Ticket Assignee is not changed by this. Under My Actions only pending process steps are displayed and when you reassigned to another group or person the step Actor is changed. Also note that the group is stored in the process step field “responsible group”.