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Task lock changes

The option now exists to lock a ticket. When you edit or add a task, and the assignment group has processes linked to it, you have a button available to save the task and lock the ticket.



Pool fixes

The deletion of a pool has been improved in this version. The redirection after editing a pool is also fixed (/Common/Admin/PoolOverview.aspx).

Several small enhancements

On planned delivery you can use an offset (eg. +4). Combined options like BH+#Replace-Variable-123# are also possible.

Search improvements

-Field "Name" remove from search screen.
-It is possible to search on tasks using all fields. Filtered lists can be saved.

View improvements

-Due status has been added to tickets.

Ticket detail improvements

-Solution field has been made elastic. A handle has been added to allow the manipulation of the size of the solution box
-Color coding of tickets based on the linked pool. Within Pools a color code can be set.
-Friendly error message when search ticket gives no results because the ticket ID does not exist or the end user does not have authorization to view the ticket.
-A new setting has been added so that a ticket cannot force close tasks when it has open tasks.

Date management improvements

-Planned delivery date is adjusted when ticket reaches "awaiting for customer" state.
-Planned delivery date is now displayed in the ticket dashboard views.
-Same color scheme for ticketing views as with tasks.