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Previous / Next buttons

When opening a ticket from a list, you now have the possibility to go to the previous/next ticket in that list.

Changes and extra fields for a task

You can now add a deadline to a task. This can be specified as a required field. There is now also the possibility to use the “Update message” functionality with assignment groups that are not external. This must be specified via the setting “Update message in task process”. Besides that, there is also the option to upload an attachment via the task edit screen.

Other changes

-Selecting the “waiting for customer” status has the same effect as clicking the “stop the clock” button
-“Stop the clock” now shows the same screen as “New action” (but with some UI elements disabled)
-The templates marked as favorites are now shown under the forms in the “New ticket” area in the left navigation pane
-On the closure screen there is now a toggle button for the “Ticket information” box.
-You can now add the right “Can delete any attachment” to a role. With this right the user can delete any attachment in a ticket
-There’s an option per process in which you can specify that the change of the planned delivery date must be accompanied by a reason


-The code selection lists on the search tickets / search tasks pages showed too much options when no type was selected
-In Internet Explorer long filenames in the attachments box were causing the box to expand