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Alternate email has priority

In case there is an alternate email address defined, different from the requestor or requested for and you send a new public message or question, the requested for checkbox is checked and not the requestor or requested for. This give communication towards the alternate email address priority, which is logical otherwise you would not have filled in the alternate email address.


Columns in views are editable

Views can be customized in the following way:

"Columns can be enabled or disabled by users
"Column width can be set by users individually
"Column ordering can be set by users

Small Changes/bugfixes

-CHANGE: When changing the status of a task, a log entry is added in the progress lines.
-BUGFIX: When you update a task field and this causes a log entry to be added into the progress lines, the actor of the progress line is the person making the changes to the task.
-BUGFIX: A closed ticket can no longer receive any messages coming from the workflow or any external system.
-CHANGE: Task creation from forms: It is possible to define the new task fields priority and status in the datastore parameter when creating tasks automatically from the workflow.
-BUGFIX: Progress logs added through workflow got wrong type: When you had an old process with a step of the type update ticket - "Add progress entry", this entry was previously added as a ticket change. After the upgrade, the type was automatically set to public Note, causing technical message to become visible to users.
-CHANGE: When hovering over progress messages, you should see in a popup window who has received each message.
-BUGFIX: The field planned delivery date has different labels across the application. In the detailscreen it is called Delivery and in views it is called planned date. This has been updated.
-Overall performance of ticketing has been tackled.
-BUGFIX: Search export contained default columns, now it contains the displayed columns.