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Search for inactive person

We’ve added an option to include inactive people when searching for people:

You can include a keyword in the person description format to indicate if a person is inactive. You can use for example this format:


When a person is inactive, it will include “ NOT ACTIVE” at the end. If you use this kind of keyword, you must include this in the PersonSearchText view, for example in our case we should add this union statement to the view:



SELECT Id as PersonId, [Firstname] + ' ' + [Lastname] + ' (' + [UniqueID] + ' - ' + [Email] + ') NOT ACTIVE' as SearchText FROM [Person] WHERE IsActive = 0


Linked attachments to solution

We’ve added an option to specify which (visible or all) attachments are allowed to be linked to the ticket solution:


Change pool when assignment group changes

You can now configure a pool for a person group. When the assignment group is set to that group, the pool is changed to the configured pool:




BB-Code is supported in the solution field

We’ve added support for three BB-codes: bold, italic and url:

You can use the buttons, or you can type it in yourself. For bold use [b]text[/b], for italic use [i]text[/i] and for a link you can use [url][/url] or if you want to make use of a different title: [url=]SMT-X[/url]

Small changes

-We’ve removed the search field in the left navigation pane
-When a ticket or task is assigned to a person, the assignment group mail will not be sent
-Task assignment group is now required


-When saving a task, the assignment person mail was always sent, even if the person wasn’t changed