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Topics Admin Page

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The Topics admin page can be access by selecting the Topics section in the Admin Panel.

The Topics main admin page displays a list of Categories in which all the Topics are organized.  Click on the Title of the Category to open the list of Topics contained in each Category.  All Topics defined within the Category are displayed, also the ones that are not put "Live on Website".

Each Topic contains the following list of controls.

Reorganizing Topics

Select the wanted position for the Topic by changing the value in the drop down selection. Positions are numbered from left to right, row by row.


Managing Topic Content

edit : Edit : Change the details of the selected Topic
delete : Delete : Delete the selected Topic. alert_1818 Deleting the Topic will result in deleting all content & Forms that is grouped in this Topic.

Topic Tips:

How to link directly to a topic

You can make a direct link, by following this syntax :

https://<link to SSP>/Forms/requests.aspx?categoryid=35&topicid=96

The CategoryID can be found by simply browsing to it. You will need to find the TopicID in the admin section, when editing a topic, it is in the link above :

https://<link to SSP>/Forms/Admin/topicDetail.aspx?id=96